About Me#

I’m an experienced IT Cloud Engineer, Azure Admin, and Web Developer who loves to keep up to date with all the new technologies and use them in my work environment to keep my company at the leading edge.

I currently work at Brunswick, a world-class leader in the marine industry. The team that I’m on is responsible for building and maintaining the cloud infrastructure. I developed a lot of my skills while I worked for an MSP in LA (Velonex), and before that I had my own IT company, BJI Tech Solutions, where I worked on helping new companies get started with technology stacks that would grow with them as they got bigger.

I also work as a web developer creating websites and applications for small businesses and I leverage a lot of cloud principles to give their websites great up time and keep them secure.

I’m also a marathon runner (I’ve ran multiple 26.2 marathons and one ultramarathon (56 miles!) in South Africa.