I've been a part of the IT industry for the past 7 years. About 4 years ago I worked in a website development company and that is where I was exposed to the world of building websites, and I caught the bug. I’m currently focused on JavaScript and ReactJS.

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. - Neil Gaiman

The first website that I built was for my wife and was built with WordPress. That was my first real taste and from there I wanted to keep learning and building things. I stuck with WordPress for a while but then as time went on, I was exposed to other areas of web development by doing tutorials from FreeCodeCamp, Udemy and CodeCademy.

I first started learning Ruby on Rails to get a better idea of the MVC model and started going to a few different Meetups in LA like FullStack LA, OpenSource and JS.LA. From there I learned how to work in a couple open-source projects and actually made a few Pull Requests to FreeCodeCamp and that really blew my mind that I could contribute to such a big project that intimidated me. But I pressed on and succeeded in that. I also started to learn JavaScript via React and React-Native.

At a certain point, I felt the insatiable desire to create something practical and useful for others. I saw a need in my local church to create a small mobile app for a summer youth camp. I created RLAY from idea to App Store. https://github.com/brentjayingram/RLAYV2 .

One problem that I was stuck on for a couple months was how to save text that was put into a text input field be available for later use. I tried a lot of different things to solve it. Eventually I went to a meetup specifically for React-Native developers and they pointed me in the right direction, and I learned component level state management with React-Native and that was one of the happiest days of my life. Because with that knowledge I was able to solve that problem seamlessly.

After working on the app and uploading it to the app store I knew that I wanted to do this as a career.

I've now shifted towards bettering the end-user experience and have doubled down on JavaScript focusing primarily on ReactJS.

I agree with Robert Greene (Author of Mastery) and Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Outliers) and desire to become a master of development through hours of intentional work. I'm ready!

I am looking for a company where I can devote my time and energy to learn how to become a master of web development through collaboration and most importantly clean, concise code!

Thank You for reading!